I can’t believe I am blogging about this recipe so late. It’s been a month since my last post and I’m pretty sure I used the last dough I froze from this particular baking adventure maybe three weeks ago, but a promise to myself was to see this blog through. I will post but I don’t promise timeliness.

This pizza dough was great. Chewy where you want AND extra crispy where you also want – like a cracker depending how thinly you roll it. It’s a dough that doesn’t overwhelm the pizza but is sturdy enough for heavy toppings. I ended up making about five pizza dough balls. Each dough ball produced more of a personal pizza size at 10 inches. I kept two and froze the other three.

I won’t go too crazy with the review. The recipe was spot on. I was pleased with how easy the dough came together. I’d definitely make it again. I do have one recommendation if you’re going to make pizza on the regular. Get a pizza peel which is really a huge spatula to put a pizza into and out of the oven and can serve double duty as a cheese/charcuterie board. (I love those things with fancy red wine). I struggled without one because once I got the dough ready with toppings, I couldn’t get it off the counter or cookie sheet. By the fifth pizza, and with the bamboo pizza peel I bought off of Amazon, I got a rounder, more uniform look and bake. It was a pretty good feeling.

Here are some pics I took along the way.

Pizza dough balls wrapped for freezer

First pizza with stuff I found in the fridge

This one had some spinach in there.

Not too bad. Looks round-ish. “Half” cheese

Overall success! If you want the recipe or to try something similar, let me know. (Note to self: I must make another round and freeze them!)