Bonus Post – It’s the insomnia version

I can’t sleep so I might as well write a bonus post. Why do I keep hearing “it’s the insomnia, stupid” in my head? I know it’s “economy” and I know it was Clinton’s campaign (James Carville, strategist) but I hear it as George Bush junior. Weird.

I wanted to tell you guys about some additional things I baked the past couple of weeks.

Banana bread! If you’ve got bananas and fresh roasted pumpkin what can you make? Banana and pumpkin bread! Yum. I found a recipe online and followed it here and there. I added a little more moisture and out came a delicious loaf. My daughter was having her first sleepover and I wanted to bring a token of gratitude before I just dropped my lil pistol into their arms for an overnight. It was well received and thankfully moist though a bit underdone because I ran out of time. I’d make it again. Once I remember where I found that recipe, I’ll update this post in the comments section.

Oh. I also made some baked cinnamon sugar donuts. Whuuut?! Baked donuts? Shut the front door. I told my daughter they were churros donuts because she loves churros. Predictably she thought she had the incredible idea of me making them for her, but when they were done she refused to eat any. Not even a full bite. Just a lick or two. Truthfully I made these donuts because after seeing them on Facebook, I wanted to know what they tasted like. Good job, Sally of Sally’s Baking Addiction page that I follow. They are wonderfully moist and light. The sugar cinnamon flavor is such a great pairing. I think they taste better the second day! can’t wait to make them again with different glazes. Maybe even sprinkles.

Until next time I can’t sleep ….Ciao.

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Mom. Wife. Friend. Daughter. Music Lover. Learner - especially of all things baking and pastry. It's not failure, it's just an attempt to do better the next time. "Do or do not. There is no try. " - Yoda

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