Recipe 9. Rye with Caraway Seeds

I’m so behind on this whole blogging part of this experience. I’m still keeping up with actually baking a recipe a week, but actually sitting down to write about the experience has proven to be harder than I thought. When I do have time, I find something else to do. Mindless stuff like binge watching shows on Netflix, catching up on laundry, deep cleaning the kitchen, and spending entirely too much time on Facebook.

A dear friend of mine suggested that instead of playing candy crush or watching TV that I should bring my laptop to bed with me and just do it at night before bed. It sounds good in theory, but after an exhausting day working or an especially long weekend day tending to a mouthy four year old, I’m just done. Still, my friend has a point so instead of dragging the laptop over, I’ll just blog using my cell phone instead of Candy Crush Friends. I’ve done a couple of posts using my phone; it’s not horrible but tapping letters is not exactly efficient.

So yeah, rye bread. I took a full week looking at rye flours online trying to find medium rye flour. I just could not find that precise wording. I finally pulled the trigger and just ordered some and figured I’d make it work. I also spent time looking at caraway seeds. I’d never used them before. I didn’t worry too much about them and just threw something into the cart. The recipe itself wasn’t too complicated. Instant yeast and flour in one bowl. Everything else (except caraway seeds) in the stand mixer. Dump flour/yeast mixture into mixing bowl. Dough hook. Four minutes on low, add seeds (my modification), and four more minutes one speed up. Turn out, fold. Bulk ferment (initial rise). Voila.

This was another recipe that called for the Pullman loaf pan. I’m so glad I brought it.

Here are a few pictures I took. I weigh everything because I prefer being exact. If you know me personally, you’re nodding as you read that. Shut up.

I want a new scale but this one is working just fine. I wish it measured heavier things. Mental note – maybe I can write about scales for another post.

And here is the finished product. It tasted delicious but the color was light. I probably could have let it brown a bit more but the texture was perfect. I also needed to adjust the measurements to make a slightly taller loaf. Regardless, it was delicious. We made sandwiches with corned beef and sauerkraut. Don’t knock it. They were delicious. Of course my favorite way to eat bread is warm from the oven with butter. So good. Nothing better.

Energy and persistence conquer all things.” Benjamin Franklin

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