Recipe 11. Whole Wheat Pullman Loaves

This recipe is similar to the other loaf recipes I’d done before. Nothing new here so I wasn’t ultra thrilled about it. Sure I was looking forward to yummy bread and using the Pullman pan again, but there wasn’t a new technique to master or new flour to work with. While I was gathering allContinue reading “Recipe 11. Whole Wheat Pullman Loaves”

Recipe 9. Rye with Caraway Seeds

I’m so behind on this whole blogging part of this experience. I’m still keeping up with actually baking a recipe a week, but actually sitting down to write about the experience has proven to be harder than I thought. When I do have time, I find something else to do. Mindless stuff like binge watchingContinue reading “Recipe 9. Rye with Caraway Seeds”

Bonus Post – It’s the insomnia version

I can’t sleep so I might as well write a bonus post. Why do I keep hearing “it’s the insomnia, stupid” in my head? I know it’s “economy” and I know it was Clinton’s campaign (James Carville, strategist) but I hear it as George Bush junior. Weird. I wanted to tell you guys about someContinue reading “Bonus Post – It’s the insomnia version”

Recipes 5 and 6: Soft Roll Dough and Parker House Rolls

Well, it’s been a while since my last post. Life and a bit of laziness got in the way. But, I’m back to tell you all about the latest recipes from The Book I have completed – soft roll dough (Recipe 4) and Parker House rolls (Recipe 5). I decided they were best blogged aboutContinue reading “Recipes 5 and 6: Soft Roll Dough and Parker House Rolls”

Recipe 4. Durum Rosemary Bread

Finally, something different – an unfamiliar flour and herbs to mix up the bread making. I wasn’t sure what durum was so I did several internet searches until I had a better understanding – plus I had to search pretty hard to find exactly what I was looking for to order. Durum flour was trickyContinue reading “Recipe 4. Durum Rosemary Bread”

Recipe 3. Whole Wheat Lean Bread

Admittedly I wasn’t as excited about this week’s recipe – not sure why. Essentially this recipe is the same as the first lean bread recipe, but you add in whole wheat flour to the bread flour. It’s still the same basics with water, yeast, and salt. I decided though that I would use it moreContinue reading “Recipe 3. Whole Wheat Lean Bread”